Network Commander Features

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neat & clean network rack cabling easy to access and reach patch panel labels

Choice of Hardware

Use hardware we recommend of continue using existing hardware. Our system is custom built BY US so we have the flexibility to add new hardware models to our management platform.

Our system is different than most others out there in that we program YOUR hardware instead of requiring a new device onto your network! The reason we built Network Commander is due to our search for a solution that would not hijack our network completely and take management out of our control. We don't like the idea of having your services shut off because you are 1 hour late on a payment. When a company places their device on your network as the main gateway device, they are in control of whether your network is live or not.

There are many benefits for you with our model. A few include...
  • You have full access to view and save the network equipment configurations on your equipment. (ask Essensys or others if they allow this....)
  • If your equipment or service has an issue, it will not impact internet services at your location - your hardware is your hardware and we will not shut that down.
  • You select your favorite hardware model. *It does need to support SSH authentication and management, but that is the only requirement. We can expand our system to manage new hardware models if we don't have your brand configured into our system yet.
  • Backups may be created by you and/or us. have full control and management abilities on all of your equipment.
  • Wireless authentication by username + password without required MAC Address registration. Now, we can enable that for you....but most coworking companies prefer to simplify the wireless logon process for their clients by not requiring MAC address registration. (even on guest networks....ask Portside Technology how their guest access works)
  • New features being developed actively - Client Directory Listing (for building or office directory boards), Captive Wireless Portal, Wireless Device Management, and more coworking goodness in the works!
  • Price. Yes, it does cost to have a super simple Network Management System that your receptionists can manage, but our solution is priced to be affordable for partial floor coworking companies, building owners, apartment management firms, school environments and any other business that uses multiple VLANs and needs the ability to easily modify the configuration of individual switch ports

In short, we believe we have the best solution on the market. It is priced competitively, keeps control of the network in your hands, gives you the flexibility to use hardware you prefer, and comes with added bonuses including a centralied place to keep details about ISPs, vendors, and other utility providers.

Simplified Network Management

We offer what we think is the easiest to navigate network management platform available. For over 15 years we have worked to improve functionality while keeping the management interface simple, powerful, and flexible.

We configure everthing on the back side of the platform for you so the only thing you see in your management portal is the list of offices, clients, wireless users, and data drop names that you want to assign to specific clients.

Each network data drop is assigned a name. Office data drops might be named 300A.1, 300A.2, 300B.1, 300C.1, FL3-AP1, FL3-AP2, FL3-CAM-Elevator, HVAC-PC, Basement-HVAC, or whatever you want to name each individual cable run.

We match these names up with where each item is plugged in on your switches (we do need a port map for this, but can walk you through how to create this yourself or we can send someone on-site to assist). After this, your team will see the names you gave us in the portal. Select 300B.1 and assign it to a client - that will reach out and configure the switch port for that client's VLAN.

When the client moves out or changes offices, just unassign the office and it changes the programming on that switch port to be AVAILABLE and changes the VLAN to one that has no public internet assigned to it. Doing this allows you to plug something into that port for additional troubleshooting, but prevents someone from using that wall jack for free internet access. This allows a non-techie to easily shut down internet for individual data ports in specific offices. This means they can disconnect internet for a client without having to submit an IT ticket for assistance.

Minimize Tech Support

The workflow of Network Commander allows you to reduce or remove the need for a full or part-time network technician. We make management simple enough for anyone on your team to handle the most complex network changes.

You will always need a tech to assist with odd issues, clients who are having issues connect to the wireless network, users who plug VoIP phone into the wrong spot on the back of the phone, etc. Our goal is to minimize network management tasks so you and your tech team can focus on real issues and working with your clients.

Printable Network Info Sheet for Clients

Simplify client onboarding and minimize technical questions by providing a short overview of their network configuration. Privacy is a large concern for us, so we have removed the client's name, your company name, and our name from the printable version in case the client accidentally loses this document.

This information is also easily copied and pasted into an email or any other document you will be providing your clients.

Directory Board Client Listing

Free with Network Commander! Provide an easy way for visitors to find the office number your clients are in. This free service is perfert for use in lobby areas if you own the entire building and need a directory board or great when running on a tablet or monitor if you would love to have a directory listing at your reception desk.

For locations that don't have the reception desk covered 100% of the day, this is a great self-serve option for visitors who need to know the office number of the company they are visiting.